Content idea for TikTok

10 Content Ideas For TikTok

TikTok is a popular short video app built for creators and their audience. That is, you can either use the app as an influencer creating videos or as an audience watching and engaging these videos.

As a TikTok creator, you can choose from a wide range of niches to dwell in. Your content on the app will be based on your niche and will also be a determinant of how fast you grow – your niche has a direct effect on your engagement.

As a result, you must pick the right niche for you to succeed on TikTok. If you have enough ideas, you will always create greater content for your audience and, in turn spark your growth. Let’s find out awesome content ideas for TikTok.

What content should you post on TikTok?


Here are a few content ideas to gain engagement on TikTok:

1. Tutorial videos


The truth is that everyone loves learning things. Tutorials on TikTok can come as How-to videos showing your fans easy ways to solve minor and major everyday problems. You can check a few videos to see how tutorial videos are made on TikTok.

2. Recipe videos


Cooking enthusiasts spend as much time on TikTok as they do on YouTube. These days, many of them refer to TikTok to find recipes for making the latest meals. Many of these videos, in fact, have not been made by YouTube creators.

While creating recipe content, you can include small parts of you preparing the meal – that’s the main idea behind creating recipe videos.

3. Dance challenges


It might surprise you to find out that there are TikTok accounts dedicated to creating dancing videos for their audience. These videos are based on challenges that other creators may have engaged in.

To participate in a dance challenge, search for a trending challenge with its hashtag and watch videos of other creators. This should give you ideas on how to come up with your own content.

4. Sound challenges


Dance challenges are not the only ones that exist on TikTok. From time to time, sounds go viral depending on your location, and creators use them in making content. These sounds are eventually used in challenges.

You can also hop on sound challenges by mimicking them in a short video or just lip-syncing. There are several ways to go about this.

5. Duet videos


Duet is one of the most interesting features to use on TikTok. It appears as a double screen allowing you to feature an influencer or in a viral challenge. Duets go viral when used to create amazing content.

However, it usually depends on the challenge. Therefore you can search for a challenge on TikTok and watch the duets made to it. This should give you ideas on how to create yours.

6. Comedy skits


Comedy happens to be one of the most explored niches on TikTok, with thousands of content being created every day. The niche has a large fanbase making it easy to grow when you focus on comedy.

Comedy skits go viral even with less work than other TikTok content. However, you must be really creative to get successful in this niche, judging by how occupied it is.

7. Fun facts


Fun fact videos is another way of educating your audience but in a more entertaining approach. It is easier for people to learn new things when they are taught in an interesting manner – that’s what fun fact videos are all about.

These videos fall under Did You Know contents, and the niche is really expanding these days. It could also be a fun fact about celebrities and other popular figures across the world.

8. Behind The Scenes


If there’s anything that people like after seeing a movie or music video, it is its behind the scenes. The video shows the kind of work put into the making of the professional video, including all the fails recorded during production.

9. Workout videos


On the internet today, you will find several videos of people engaging in various body activities. Not everyone has the luxury of visiting a standard gym, hence the urge to find tips and hacks online.

Many people resort to platforms like YouTube and TikTok to learn different workout drills and tips for a healthy lifestyle. You can become a content creator in this field if you already have basic knowledge about it.

10. Play with filters and effects


If you aren’t new to TikTok, you should know there are several filters and effects you can try out when making content. These filters help enhance your videos, making them more interesting to watch.

Effects include Slow-mo, out-of-body, blur, skip, and blue line, to name a few. These filters and effects have unique features, and you can even use several of them in a single video.

Wrapping Up


There is no perfect niche to explore on TikTok. You can fit right into any niche as long as you have what it takes to grow. The most important thing to consider when choosing a TikTok niche is if you have basic knowledge about it.

Also, you must be creative to make interesting content for your audience. No one wants to spend five minutes watching a boring video. Spice up your videos with filters and effects and make it stand out amongst the rest.

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