How To Adjust Clip Length On TikTok

How To Adjust Clip Length On TikTok

As a beginner on TikTok, you may be unfamiliar with some of its features and options, especially when editing your videos.

The most important part of creating content is editing, which many people find most challenging.

TikTok features options that allow you to add filters to your videos, add captions, introduce subtitles, record sounds, and even adjust the length of your video. It is normal to have little trouble adjusting your clip length as a beginner.

As much as you may already be familiar with how to adjust clip lengths on TikTok, the regular updates on the app might affect how you make these adjustments. If you find it difficult to adjust your clip length on TikTok, help is here for you.

This article will show you the latest procedure on how you can adjust the clip lengths of your TikTok videos. The procedure works with the latest TikTok update, so you should ensure your app is up-to-date before proceeding.

How do I adjust my video lengths?


Before you check out how you can easily edit clip lengths on TikTok, you should be aware that the option which was previously Adjust Clips has now been replaced with Studio. That is, to adjust your clips, you have to locate the Studio option on the editing screen.

To adjust your clips on TikTok:

  • Open the TikTok app and stay signed into your account.
  • Tap the Plus icon at the bottom of the screen to upload a new video.
  • You can upload a video either by recording a new one or by adding an existing one from your device’s gallery.
  • After uploading your video, you will be taken to the editing page.
  • On this page, locate and tap Studio by the left.
  • After that, you will see an editing window appear with clips aligned on a track. You can scroll to the left or right until you get to the point where you will want to adjust the clip’s length.
  • As soon as you find the clip you want to adjust, tap it once to select it.
  • Next, move the slider on either end of the clip until you reduce the length to your desired level.

And that’s all! You have adjusted the length of your clip without any stress. You can continue editing your video by saving the changes you have made to it first.

In some cases, you may encounter trouble selecting a clip when it appears very small on your timeline. If this happens, you can use two fingers to zoom in, which will make the clips appear larger and easier for you to select.

Why can’t I adjust clips on TikTok?


Some users report that they are unable to adjust clips on TikTok even after following the procedure I outlined above. The most likely reason you are unable to adjust clip lengths is that your app is not up to date.

As I mentioned earlier, the option to adjust clips on TikTok could be found in Adjust Clips before but now in Studio. If you are using an old TikTok version, you may still find the option Adjust Clips.

Although some users have reported that they still see the Adjust Clips option even after updating their apps to the latest version, whichever option you find in yours will get the job done, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Another reason why you may not be able to adjust your clips on TikTok is if your video is too short. The main purpose of adjusting clips is to reduce the length, and this won’t be possible if the video is not long enough.

If you want to find the Adjust Clips/Studio option, you should try adding some more footage or extending the start and end points of your existing footage to make your video longer.

Wrapping Up


The main purpose of the clip adjustment option on TikTok is to reduce the lengths of your videos. Sometimes, your videos may be unnecessarily long, and the best option will be to cut some parts out.

To cut out the fluffy and unnecessary parts of your video, you have to adjust the clip length, as I have described in this article. Please remember to save your video after you are done editing.

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