How To Change Username On TikTok

Your username is vital for anyone to find you on TikTok. All they have to do is enter your username in the search panel, and your profile appears on the screen. Your username could be a combination of letters, numbers, underscores, and periods.

If you are trying to change your username on the platform, here’s how to do it:

How do I change my TikTok username?


To change your username on TikTok:

  • Open the TikTok app and sign in to your account.
  • Navigate to your user profile.
  • Tap “Edit profile.”
  • Clear out the old username and enter your new desired one.
  • Tap “Save

For one reason or another, changing your TikTok username might be a good thing to do. In many cases, people use too complex usernames, making it difficult for other users to find their profiles on TikTok.

However, you are not allowed to change your TikTok username whenever necessary.

There are periods when you can change your username and some when you can’t. Of course, there are also consequences of changing your TikTok username – I’ll reveal all of these in this article.

Before you change your TikTok name…


Please remember that TikTok usernames can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and periods. You can choose to use only letters or use a combination of two or all entities to come up with a username.

However, you can not use periods at the end of your username.

Usernames are unique to each account; therefore, no two accounts can have the same username.

If you come up with a username already linked to another account, the system will notify you immediately and ask you for a new combination.

And it’s all done! Your username will be updated immediately. You can always come back to change your username to something new later; however, just as I mentioned earlier, that is not always possible.

Let’s find out when you can change your TikTok username.

When can I change my username on TikTok?


You should be aware that your username can only be changed once every 30 days on TikTok. If you change your username today and wish to correct it, you’d have to wait another 30 days before doing so.

You should know this before you proceed to change your username.

What happens after changing my TikTok username?


As I mentioned earlier, there are consequences to changing your TikTok username.

Remember, your username represents your identity, and changing it affects your recognition, even from your audience and followers.

Only a few will come to your profile to see who is really behind the new name.

In such a scenario, I recommend you make a follow-up video to notify your audience that you have changed your username.

If you wish, you might also add the reasons you chose to change your username and how you came up with the name.

Aside from proving your identity, this could also help develop a good relationship with your audience.

Also, changing your TikTok username will update your link instantly. Your TikTok username is an integral part of your profile link, and altering it means there’ll be a change on your link too.

If you have shared your profile link out, you had better generate and share a new one once you change your username.

In addition, changing your username will cause you to lose your verification if you are verified.

This is the key reason most verified accounts don’t change their usernames frequently.

However, if you feel it is very important that you change your username and are ready to lose your verification, you can do so.

Luckily, you can always request verification again. However, you might be asked to provide some data to prove that it is still the same person handling the account to get your verification back.

To make it easier, you can reach out to Support via “Report a Problem” if you are a verified account that would like to change your handle.

The bottom line


Even though TikTok allows you to change your username whenever you wish, I’d strictly advise against it.

Don’t get me wrong; you can change your username when you feel it’s important but do not make it become a habit.

It will surely put the wrong picture out to your audience, and you might lose their trust.

Whenever you try to choose a TikTok username, come up with something simple that will stand the test of time. It doesn’t have to contain all the letters in the alphabet because that’ll make it very hard for people to remember.

Also, make sure it’s something you wouldn’t need to keep changing every time.

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