How To Duet On TikTok

There are many ways by which you can create duets on TikTok, such as reacting to other TikTok videos or creating short skits with friends. If you are interested in how you can create your duet for a selected video, I will show you how in this article.

As someone who’s quite conversant with TikTok, you’d have come across several videos looking like they have a split-screen effect – these videos are known as duets.

It is also one of the many amazing features offered on the platform. It’s more like remixing a particular video to your taste.

Duets allow you to post your video beside a separate video from another creator on TikTok. In essence, a duet is made up of two videos on a split screen playing at the same time.

Every other user on TikTok would be able to duet any of your videos as long as you have a public account on the platform.

How to duet a video on TikTok


Follow the procedure below to duet with another person’s video on TikTok:

  1. Open the TikTok app and log in to your profile.
  2. Tap the “Share” button on the side of the video you’d like to duet.
  3. Select “Duet” at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Choose from the filming options on the side panel.
  5. Click the “Record” button to begin your duet. The button also works to stop your recording. Tap the check mark once done
  6. Take a minute and edit your video, then tap “Next“.
  7. Adjust your settings, write a caption, and tap “Post” to publish your duet.

Who can duet with my videos?


While you can make duets with videos from other TikTok creators, you can easily choose who can make duets with yours.

To do so, you have to navigate to your account privacy settings; this is where you’ll be able to choose who can duet with your videos.

The options include:

  • Everyone: If you choose “Everyone” and have your Duet feature turned on, it means that anybody across TikTok can duet with your video.
  • Friends: If you choose “Friends” and you have your Duet feature turned on, it means that only your friends on TikTok will be able to duet with your videos. Your friends on TikTok are only the accounts you follow and follow you back.

To choose who can duet with your videos on TikTok, follow the procedure below:

  • Open the TikTok app and navigate to your profile.
  • Select the “Menu” button at the top corner.
  • Navigate to “Settings and privacy“.
  • Tap “Privacy“, and then select “Duet“.
  • Locate “Who can Duet with your videos”, and choose who you’d like to allow.

If you don’t want anyone on TikTok to create duets with your videos, you can turn off the feature on all your existing videos at one time in the same privacy settings.

By doing this, you don’t need to go to each of your videos individually to turn off the Duet option.

How do I turn off Duets on my videos?


As I said, you can turn on or turn off duet for any of your videos on TikTok. You can either turn the feature on or off before you post a new video or for an already existing video.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you turn Duet on: By turning on this feature, means you are allowing other users on TikTok to duet with your videos. You can specify a group you want to make duets with your videos here too. For example, if you choose to allow only your friends on TikTok to duet with your videos, then no other person will be able to.
  • If you turn Duet off: If you prefer not to use this option, it means nobody on TikTok will be able to duet with your video.

Things to know when you allow someone else to duet with your video


There are a few things you should have in mind when someone on TikTok creates a duet with your video. They include:

  • The person’s privacy settings will determine who can watch, download, comment on, or even interact with the duet.
  • Your original video will appear on your profile page while the duet will only appear on the profile page of whoever recorded the duet.
  • If you allow every user on TikTok to duet with your video then suddenly modify your settings to limit those who can use your video or you delete your video, any existing duet with your video beforehand will remain on TikTok forever. It will not be deleted.

Why can’t I duet a video?


If you wish to duet with a video but can’t find the option on the video, then there’s something wrong. It could be that Duet was disabled for the particular video you wish to hop on or you are not allowed to duet with it.

For example, if you are not a friend of the creator, you won’t be able to duet with their video if they have set it to allow only friends to duet.

How to edit a TikTok duet


After posting a duet, it is impossible to go back and make some edits to it. However, you can make your modifications the same way you’d edit a regular TikTok before it gets posted.

In case you are having trouble editing a TikTok duet, I can easily show you how to get around it.

The “Edit” feature on duets allows you to add filters or even enhance the quality of your video. After you tap the red checkmark, you’ll also be able to add text, stickers, and effects.

Overall, the editing options will appear in the right-hand sidebar.

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