How To Find Saved Videos On TikTok

How To Find Saved Videos On TikTok

We’ve all come across that special content on TikTok that you believe is worth saving. You can show this video to someone else or share it on other social media platforms just to let people see how amazing the content is.

Saving videos is most particularly helpful when you wish to rewatch the video later. Instead of going on TikTok and trying to find the content, you can easily find it among your saved videos.

A lot of TikTok users know how to save videos but have no idea on how to find them. Saving videos on TikTok is one thing, and finding them is another. This article will show you how you can easily find all your saved TikTok videos.

How to find your Saved TikTok videos


Finding your saved TikTok videos is not as difficult as you may have pictured. Just so you know, saved videos do not appear on your TikTok profile; only videos you add to your favorites do.

Any video you save on TikTok will be downloaded to your device, so you can only find them on your gallery. To find saved videos, open your phone’s gallery and navigate to the TikTok folder. You can then locate the video in question.

Difference between Saved and Favorite Videos


As a TikTok user or creator, you should know the difference between the videos you save and the ones you add to your favorites. Both terms get confused with each other, and they have different meanings. Let’s find out what they are.

By saving a video, you are downloading it on your device. You can decide to rewatch the video later, even without switching on your data connection. Also, it is easy for you to share these videos on other platforms.

However, adding a TikTok video to your favorites will not download it on your device. You can only find your favorite videos on your TikTok profile, which means your data connection must be switched on.

How to save videos on TikTok

To save videos on TikTok:

  • Open the TikTok app and stay signed in.
  • Find the video you wish to save and open it to full screen.
  • Tap the Share icon among the options on the right tab.
  • From the pop-up menu, select Save video with the download icon.

And that’s it! Your video will be saved to your phone’s gallery immediately. You can proceed to confirm if the video has been successfully downloaded first before you move on to the next.

How to add a TikTok video to My Favorites


You can add a TikTok video to your favorites so you can watch it later. However, you will have to switch on your data connection since the video will remain on TikTok. It won’t be downloaded to your device like saved videos.

To add a TikTok video to Favorites:

  • Open the TikTok app and sign in to your account.
  • Use the Search option to find the video you wish to add.
  • Tap on the video and open it in full screen.
  • Click the Add to Favorites icon among the options on the right tab. The option looks like a Tag icon.

That’s it! The video you selected will be added to your favorites immediately. You can access these videos on your TikTok profile following this procedure:

  • Proceed to your TikTok Profile.
  • Tap the Favorites icon from the options on your Profile page.
  • Find the video from the collection.

You can either add videos, sounds, effects, and collections to your favorites on TikTok. Whichever item you add will be saved on this page, and you can access it anytime you wish.

Will someone know if I save their video?


At the moment, TikTok does not send notifications to accounts when other users save their videos. Therefore, you can download as many videos as you wish from their account without them thinking they are being stalked.

However, if you continue visiting their profiles, they will definitely know you are stalking them. TikTok sends notifications to accounts when other users visit their profiles.

If you don’t want them to know you visited their profiles, you can just search for their videos using the Search option and download them from there. This way, there’s no need to visit their profiles.

Do Saved TikTok videos have watermark?


Yes, if you save videos directly from TikTok, they will surely have the watermark of TikTok and the owner of the content. There is no way to remove this watermark from saved videos on TikTok.

How to save TikTok video without watermark


There is a trick to downloading videos from your favorite creators without their watermark showing on them. makes it easy to do this all for free.

If you need to download TikTok videos from other creators, especially if you don’t want to worry about the watermark, there is a seamless way to do so. allows you to download any TikTok content of your choice at no cost.