How To Go Live On Tiktok (2023)


If you are trying to go LIVE on your TikTok account, you can access this option by clicking the “create” icon on the app.

But as a first-time user, it’s may not appear as straightforward. In this article, I’m going to show you how to go about it, step by step.

As you probably know already, going live on TikTok is crucial for every content creator on the platform. Apart from entertaining your fans and earning their loyalty, there are many other benefits of going live on TikTok.

However, new users might find this challenging as many don’t know their way around the app yet. If you are interested in going live on TikTok anytime soon but do not know how then you are in the right place.

This article will show you how to go live on TikTok and connect with your audience in seconds, even if you are still new to the platform.

There are also some other things you should know about TikTok live; I’ll let you know later in this piece.

How do I go live on TikTok?


Going live on TikTok is pretty straightforward; follow this procedure to get started:

Step 1: Log in to your TikTok profile.

Step 2: Locate and tap the “create” icon to access the LIVE screen.

Step 3: Swipe to LIVE in the navigation, pick an image, and write a title for your stream.

Step 4: Ensure you are ready, then tap “Go LIVE” to begin immediately.

By following these four easy steps, you’ll be live on your TikTok account in a moment. You can make some modifications while you are living – You can flip the camera, add effects, filter comments, and add moderators. To do this, tap the three dots on the screen.

While you are live on TikTok, you’ll be only allowed to add up to 20 moderators.

There are many other things you might want to know about TikTok LIVE; let’s find out.

What should I know about TikTok LIVE?


TikTok LIVE is one of the most amazing features on the content creation platform. It is the place for real-time fun, creativity, and expression. It allows creators to connect seamlessly with their fans in real-time.

On TikTok LIVE, everyone can find various connections and possibilities to create and modify content. As a creator, this is one feature you wouldn’t want to miss for anything. Once you meet the eligibility, using TikTok LIVE would be a great idea.

The LIVE feature on TikTok is quite similar to the regular short-form TikTok videos creators make; they both give users access to effects, filters, and complete camera control. However, TikTok LIVE comes with many more benefits.

The LIVE feature on TikTok does not have any limit on recording time, unlike the regular TikTok videos with time limits. However, once a host goes inactive for too long in their LIVE room, TikTok will automatically close the room.

No matter the type of content you make, going live is a better way to relate with your audience. Always remember that going live on TikTok regularly is vital to building a loyal audience for you and your business.

What are the requirements to go live on TikTok?

Everyone can go live on TikTok. However, some little factors will determine your eligibility.

1. Firstly, you must be 18 years or older before you can use the TikTok LIVE feature. Also, you must already have a profile on the platform.

2. Apart from the above, you must have at least a thousand followers before you can go live on TikTok.

TikTok users with less than 1,000 followers will be unable to use the LIVE feature.

Benefits of going live on TikTok

Various benefits come with going live on TikTok, and you might know some of them by now.

The first is that you get to build real connections in real-time with your viewers and fellow creators.

Your audience and fans will love to connect with you in real time, and TikTok LIVE is the best way to do so. Also, the more your audience tunes in to your LIVE room, the more you learn what they want.

This way, it becomes easier to create content for them.

Another benefit of going live on TikTok is that it improves your visibility to a new audience. There are different features in place to help users get discovered by new viewers.

To access this, you need to use the TikTok LIVE feature.

There’s a benefit of going live on TikTok that many people do not know about yet. Did you know you can earn a lot of money by simply using the TikTok LIVE feature?

Of course, there’s more to it, but you should find out about it.

It doesn’t matter the kind of content you create on the platform; it can bring in money for you or any other good cause.

While you are living, your audience can send virtual gifts, which can be converted into spendable currencies.

These virtual LIVE gifts include Diamonds, and you can turn them into real money in an external account of your choice.

TikTok also awards Diamonds to creators based on the popularity of their videos, and they can also receive them in LIVE rooms.

Tips for an awesome LIVE on TikTok


Before you go live on Tiktok, especially for the first time, here are a few practices you should know:

Stay active: I’d advise posting a video before you go live so your viewers can enter your stream directly via the video.

Lighting: Your video must be well-lighted to keep your viewers engaged. Ring lights are well suited for this.

Sounds: Like visuals, sound is also an important factor in making videos. Find a quiet place to stream, so your viewers do not get distracted.

Length of time: Although there is no limit to how long you can go live on Tiktok, you should start with 30 minutes, so you don’t bore out your audience for too long.

Internet connection: Live videos on TikTok require a steady internet connection, especially if you don’t want the stream to keep breaking. You should test out the strength of your network before you begin the LIVE.

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