How To Make Your Own Sound On TikTok

Sound is an integral part of any TikTok video. A TikTok video without a sound has very little chance of going viral, and of course, no one would want to make content like that.

As a result, you should take sound important when creating any video.

While there are millions of sounds to explore on TikTok, coming up with something new and fresh might be key to going viral.

From time to time, sounds trend and fade off. Usually, people make content and attach sounds in trend to make their content go viral.

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to create your unique sound with the potential of going viral too?

It is possible, and making your TikTok sound is easier than many would imagine. Let’s see how you can go about it.

How to make a sound on TikTok


Creating a popular sound on TikTok can boost your views and follower count, irrespective of whether you are making videos for fun or to grow a personal brand or business.

To create your sound on TikTok:

1. Open the TikTok app and sign in to your account.

2. Tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen to record new content.

3. Press and hold the red button below to record your content. Release the button when you’re done recording.

4. After recording, tap the red check mark to save your piece.

5. To add your sound or voiceover to the video, tap the down arrow on the side menu, then select Audio editing.

6. Tap Record to record your sound.

7. Select Replace original sound with recording so you can only hear your sound (voiceover) in the final video.

8. Tap Save when you’re done recording.

9. Select Next and Post to upload your video with the new sound.

10. After uploading, go back to your Profile tab, then open the content you just published.

11. Locate and tap the spinning record icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

12. Select Add to Favorites to use the audio in a new video later. If you wish to create a new TikTok immediately using that sound, tap Use this sound, and you will be taken to the recording tab.

Other users can use your sound by following this last step if they like it. To make your new sound go viral on TikTok, you must make it to be something they want to hear. Let’s see some tips to create good sounds on TikTok.

Tips for creating sounds on TikTok


If you are ready to make a sound with the potential to go viral on TikTok, you can try out these tips. Of course, there’s no guarantee that it’ll work for you, but I can assure you it’s worth giving a try.

  • Make the sound clean: A clean sound is key to making it go viral. Ensure you have a clean recording with negligible background noise, so your viewers don’t get distracted by it.
  • Get the right volume: For some content, too high a volume might be really bad, and for some, it’s just perfect. Figure out the best volume for your sound before putting it out, and watch it go viral. A tip here is that you make your sounds loud enough that people can still hear them even when they are in crowded areas.
  • Loop it: Just like you’d try to keep your videos short, keep your audio short too. It is even better if your sound loops seamlessly without any restrictions whatsoever.
  • Go viral with creativity: You don’t have to follow a trend to create your sound. Let it stand out so its uniqueness can capture more listeners. When people hear something different and new, they tend to pay more attention.

Wrapping Up


Another tip for making viral sounds on TikTok is editing the sound’s name to something more searchable. Ensure the terms are easy to type so people don’t have to struggle to find them.

This way, users can even tag the sound when using it to make it more popular.

Also, while recording your sound, you can choose from the voice effects on TikTok. To do this, tap any options to the right of the record button.

The options include Synth, Robot, Chipmunk, and Baritone.

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