How To Use The Out-of-Body Effect On TikTok

There are so many amazing effects on TikTok to make your video more appealing and captivating to your audience.

One of these effects is the out-of-body effect, which is already popular among many TikTok creators. On average, you’d come by the out-of-body effect in 1 out of 5 videos you come across on TikTok. Why not see how it even works?

The out-of-body effect works by freezing your body in a video, allowing you to turn into a ghost to enter your body later – hence, the name “out of the body.” It is such a cool feature most people would love to have on their screens.

As creative as using this effect is, many people find it hard to use. Of course, you are expected to face some challenges in identifying and using this effect, especially on the first try.

Hence, this article will describe how to identify and use the out-of-body effect.

How to identify the out-of-body effect


The out-of-body effect became the hot cake around 2020 and has since become one of the most adopted effects on TikTok.

A lot of creators have developed several creative ways to use the effect in their content, to boost their views and likes.

And yes, it’s really working, as it is such a cool effect to see. If you are interested in using this effect in one of your TikTok videos, too, you may need help identifying it first. Let me help with that.

To identify the out-of-body effect on TikTok:

  • Open the TikTok app and sign into your account.
  • Tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen to open your TikTok camera.
  • Tap the effects assistant icon just to the left of the record button.
  • Select the trending tab.
  • Locate the out-of-body effect icon and start using it in your videos.

The out-of-body effect icon looks like a circular face with part of it coming off just like a shadow. This illustration is to help users identify the effect easily and use it in their videos.

Now that you can identify the out-of-body effect let’s see how you can use it.

How to use the out-of-body effect on TikTok


The out-of-body effect is one of the most used effects on TikTok, but there are still several people who do not know how to use it.

Many of them can identify the effect on TikTok but just haven’t figured out how it is used in videos.

Some people refer to the effect as ghosting and ask tons of questions about how to use it in their videos.

To use the out-of-body effect:

  • Follow the identification process mentioned earlier and select the effect.
  • After selecting the effect, start recording your video or uploading a video.
  • To make your body freeze in the video, stand still for 2 seconds (if you are recording directly).
  • After standing still for 2 seconds, you can start moving around as a ghost.
  • You can go back into your body by simply hiding your face.

As shown above, you can also see that using the out-of-body effect on TikTok is not as hard as it seems. However, some people encounter trouble with hiding their faces to go back into their bodies in the videos.

This shouldn’t be so challenging; there are ways to go about it.

You can hide your face by knocking your head backward or leaning back enough to a point where the camera cannot capture your face any longer.

This is one of the easiest methods people use, especially when dancing.

Meanwhile, there is another method that works just fine too. To do this, you just have to slide your hand across your face to hide it from the camera.

You need to do this long enough for the effect to put your ghost back into your body – this should take only a few seconds.

In a nutshell


The out-of-body effect is quite popular, as you should know, but that doesn’t mean you must use it too.

There are many other cool effects on TikTok that you can try out too. New things tend to go more viral than the ones already in use.

You can find new effects the same way you mu came across the out-of-body effect on TikTok. TikTok updates these effects almost every time, so there’ll always be a new effect from time to time.

You have the luxury of choosing from a variety.

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