How To Use The Time Warp Scan Filter On TikTok

How To Use The Time Warp Scan Filter On TikTok

Recently, the TikTok Time Warp Scan filter, popularly known as the blue line, has become a trend in countless TikTok content. The filter has a distorting effect on videos, and many creators have become so interested in it.

The Time Warp Scan filter works on a video by freezing the image on the screen while the blue line goes down or across the screen. Think of it as a way of turning a video into an image – as the line moves across the screen, it freezes the image.

With the filter, users can create interesting distortions on their videos, form double images and fulfill other amazing ideas.

As popular as the Time Warp Scan filter is on TikTok, many users and creators do not know how to use it. This article will show you how you can easily find the Time Warp Scan filter and use it in your TikTok videos.

How do I use the Time Warp filter?


As I mentioned earlier, this blue line filter moves across the screen and turns your video into still images. You can make multiple reactions in a video and use this filter to combine them in a single picture.

To find the Time Warp Scan filter:

  • Open your TikTok app and sign in to your account.
  • Navigate to Discover in the top bar. It is also the search option.
  • In the search bar, type Time Warp Scan.
  • In no time, you will be taken to a page with videos featuring the filter.
  • Click on one of these videos.
  • Above their username, you will find the Time Warp Scan with an orange star. Click on this and immediately press Add to Favorites.

It is as simple as that! However, the filter will not be used automatically in your videos. When creating a video on TikTok, search for the filter on the effects screen, and you will be able to use it.

If you don’t add it to your favorites first, you may not find it in the Effects screen when editing your video. Modify your video to your satisfaction and post it when you’re done.

Other Trends on TikTok You May Want To Try


The Time Warp effect has sparked a number of trends on TikTok, some of which can even be created using the Time Warp Scan. Let’s see some of these trends, so you can use them in your videos to stand out.

1. Smoking Illusion


The smoking illusion is a TikTok effect that uses the Time Warp scan to create an image of exaggerated smoking. You’d find this effect on many TikTok videos, especially when creators want to make it look like they are smoking.

TikTok creators can replicate this trick by moving an object like a pen from side to side along with the blue line. Although it seems easy, this effect can be pretty difficult to execute, especially for new users.

2. Floating Illusions


Another way to use the Time Warp Scan filter is to create floating illusions in your videos. These visual illusions make the video look like objects are floating without anyone holding them.

To create this effect in your videos, just hold an object with the hand, not being scanned by the filter. However, you must be able to switch your grip quickly enough so you can make it appear as if the object is truly floating.

3. Thin and wavey eyebrows


The Time Warp Scan filter can also be used in videos to make people appear as if they have thin eyebrows. To do this, simply allow the blue line to scan the top of your eyebrows, then immediately raise and lower them.

This way, the line will only catch a thin portion of your eyebrows for the video. You can also make your eyebrows wavey using this filter. Simply use the horizontal scan and move your eyebrows up and down as the line moves across them.

4. Mirror Double


Creating a mirror double is another of the many effects of using the Time Warp Scan filter. The effect creates a mirror double, but the mirror image does not match the image of the person themselves.

To use the filter for a mirror double, all you need to do is frame the shot, so you catch both yourself and the mirror. After that, you can change your facial expression, pose, or even shirt in the time before the blue line crosses over your reflection.

Final Thoughts


We may believe that the Time Warp Scan filter is easy to use, but it can be deceptively hard, especially for new TikTok users and creators.

While using the Time Warp Scan filter to create effects on your TikTok videos, you may experience several fails, which are not completely useless. These fails can become memes of their own on TikTok, with people posting the failed results.

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