What Does "Video Under Review" Mean On TikTok

What Does “Video Under Review” Mean On TikTok

One of TikTok’s many interests is sharing inspiring and entertaining content with several people. As helpful as a content might be, TikTok’s algorithm scans it to ensure it doesn’t violate any Guidelines.

As a content creator, you should be familiar with TikTok’s Community Guidelines and abide by its regulations before posting your content. As I said earlier, measures are in place to ensure your compliance.

If you ever come across a message saying “Video Under Review,” it means you have violated one of these regulations, and it is being looked into. Just in case you are wondering what the process entails and how long it takes, you are in the right place.

What does “video under review” imply?


Just like many other social media platforms, TikTok features an algorithm to ensure users do not post content that violates its Community Guidelines. There’s a special procedure to how this works.

Whenever you post content on TikTok, an AI checks it for the possible violation within those few seconds of upload. If there’s no suspected violation, the video is shared with your audience.

On the other hand, your video will be delayed for posting if the AI detects a violation. If this is the case, you will find the “video under review” message.

How long does it take to review a video on TikTok?


The truth is there is no specific duration to how long your TikTok video will get reviewed. It may take hours or even days. However, the review process is known to depend on the content in question.

To the best of my knowledge, the whole review process takes between 24 to 48 hours. Some users get theirs resolved in a few hours, while it may take weeks in extreme cases.

The point of the review process is for TikTok to manually check your video to see if it violates the Community Guidelines. In the case that it doesn’t, TikTok reinstates your video and allows you to share it.

On the other hand, TikTok may remove your video from the platform if it poses to harm or violates any other Guidelines. Depending on the extremity of your violation, you may risk getting your TikTok account permanently banned.

As popular as “video under review” cases are, you can easily avoid them. This is absolutely possible if you know the kinds of content you should share and those you shouldn’t. Let’s find out what they are.

Harmful content that may get you flagged on TikTok


To maintain a clean slate on TikTok, you don’t want to get flagged. You’d surely get flagged when you share inappropriate content with your audience. To prevent that, let’s find out what this content includes.

1. Sexual content


TikTok is mostly occupied by the younger generation, who seek entertainment solely. As a result, the platform does not welcome any form of pornographic or adult sexual content. Contents like these are flagged immediately.

If you are serious about not getting your videos flagged on TikTok, you should avoid creating content portraying this meaning.

2. Violent content


Another kind of content not allowed on TikTok are violent ones. Videos featuring fights, chaos, or any form of violence should not be shared on the platform.

Although there is a level before which a video may be considered violent to be flagged, it is better to stay away from it for the sake of your account.

3. Copyrighted content


And yes, TikTok hates it when users copy content from one another. Your video has a high tendency to get flagged if it is copyrighted or plagiarized.

If you share content that violates this kind of rule, you risk getting your video under review. Another user may report your content for copyright infringement just in case the algorithm doesn’t detect it.

4. Illegal content


If you share a video featuring illegal content such as drugs, guns, or anything, it may get flagged and go under review. Videos reported for sharing illegal content take a long time to review.

Other ways to avoid getting flagged on TikTok


Trust me, if you avoid sharing content like the ones I mentioned earlier, you’re directly stopping your videos from getting flagged. However, if you try to engage in such, then you are going back in that direction.

Although it helps, other ways exist to avoid getting flagged on TikTok. One of these ways is using TikTok’s in-app editor to modify your video before sharing it with your audience.

The truth is TikTok’s editor might not be as capable of making complex edits as other third-party apps, but it is still a good way to avoid getting flagged. Videos shared on TikTok with the Upload option, which is not edited on the app, tend to get flagged the most.

If you can, make use of TikTok’s editor to make edits to your content before sharing it; this way, you are saving yourself the time it takes for review.

In a nutshell


As effective as TikTok’s AI algorithm is, it is not 100% accurate. It may encounter some errors and put clean videos under review. If you fall under this case, you should wait for a little, and it’ll get cleared within a few hours.

Also, you should note that the review process is not limited to videos you are just sharing. The content you shared a long time ago may also get flagged or put under review. This could be because the AI, or an account reported it.

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